I will add any other information to Shane's documentation and focus on the Android app and Firebase usage for the succeeding team.
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Worst case scenario: It turns out that the 2016 team never updated their Android Github code. So the entire summer, we spend trying to debug the system was in vain. The updated code that Johnny gave us works exactly how he said it did. Further applications and stress tests aside, the current problem is narrowed down to the communicate from the XBee on the Arduino.
Asked Johnny about status 300. Leaving the station.
There is supposed to be a button on the app that enables the pod to move from the station. Must investigate further and assuming no help from Johnny then only case is to look through the app code.

No problems currently found in the app code.

After looking through the code we found there were 4 steps:
100 - This value is present after the user submits a ticket from the app. The pod is now on the way to the retrieval station
200 - The pod has arrived at the retrieval station and is waiting for the user to "enter" the pod. At this stage, the app on the phone should have changed images. When the user taps the screen on the app, the pod should begin moving toward the final destination.
300 - Pod is on the way to the final destination.
400 - The pod has arrived at the final destination and is waiting for the user to "exit" the pod. The image on the app should change. When the user taps the screen, the pod should be freed and begin roaming around the track on it's own.
This information was in the code. I don't think it was in the documentation. I only found references it to in the Android Code and the saw the status changes on the Server.js code.
Tested the pod. Found errors due to wiring.
Found Excel sheet for wiring diagram. Fixed.

Tested pod. Found errors due to hall effect sensors not feedback. (Originally thought ultrasonic sensors were the issue)
Hall effect sensors are not broken but still fail to read magnets. Re-positioned sensors and glue&taped sensors. Fixed

Problem uploading Arduino code.
The shield was causing problem. Now remove shield whenever uploading code. Fixed